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(October 2021)

Welcome to Inez Faul as PhD student to Kiel University and the KHO project from 15. October 2021!

New paper: Rhodes, S.E., Goldberg, P., Ecker, M., Horwitz, L.K., Boaretto, E. and Chazan, M., 2021. Exploring the Later Stone Age at a micro-scale: New high-resolution excavations at Wonderwerk Cave. Quaternary International.

(September 2021)

Welcome to Helena Pribliczki as student assisstant to the KHO project from 1. September 2021!

(July 2021)

Pressemitteilung zu unserem Projektstart:…

Press release of the university for our project start:…

New paper: Ecker, M., Bank. C.-G., Chazan, M., Chen, Y., Green, G., Morris, D., Stoikopoulos, N., Shadrach, K., Stratford, D., Duke, H., 2021. Revisiting Pniel 6: the 2017-2019 excavations. South African Archaeological Bulletin 76(214), 57-69.

(May 2021)

We are looking for a PhD student in Geoarchaeology/Physical Geography/Quaternary Science to join the team. Application deadline is 21st May 2021.

(April 2021)

New paper: Lukich, V. & Ecker, M. 2021. Pleistocene environments in the southern Kalahari of South Africa. Quaternary International,

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