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(April 2023)

We are looking forward to the visit of Dr. Manuel Will (University of Tübingen) in Kiel. Dr. Will will hold a presentation on “The evolution of Homo sapiens in Africa – an archaeological perspective from the Middle Stone Age” on the 20th April, 4 – 5 pm in the Johanna-Mestorf-Hörsaal of the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory of University Kiel. Everybody is welcome to join!

(March 2023)

We welcome Daniela Engelhart as new student research assistant on our team!

(November 2022)

New Book chapter: Horwitz, L.K.,Avery, M.D., Bamford, M., Berna, F., Brink, J., Ecker, M., Fernandez-Jalvo, Y., Goldberg, P., Holt, S., Lee-Thorp, J.A., Matmon, A., Pickering, R., Porat, N., Rossouw, L., Scott, S., Chazan, M., 2022. Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape Province: An Early Pleistocene Palaeo-environmental Sequence for the Interior of South Africa. In: Reynolds, S.C., Bobe, R. (eds.), African Paleoecology and Human Evolution. Cambridge University press.

New Papers: Quaternary Science Reviews Special issue: Late Quaternary hydrological shifts and Stone Age mobility in the Middle Kalahari with KHO project members Sarah Mothulatshipi and Sallie Burrough. Link:

(June 2022)

NEW! StoryMap “History and Archaology of Pniel 6, South Africa”. Learn about research an interactive way. Also available in German.

(May 2022)

On 27 May 2022 Inèz Faul presented at the Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA) online conference her paper: “The Geoarchaeology of the southern Kalahari Pans: The case of the Tsabong Early and Middle Stone Age landscapes”.

(April 2022)

We welcome to the team our Kiel University Master students Helena Pribliczki, Sophia Politt (beide MINERVA Project) and Rowena Winterhalder (KHO Project).

Some information about our projects in now available in Afrikaans. We are working on translating more of the homepage.

(January 2022)

We successfully finished our first KHO project field season in the Kgalagadi district of Botswana in January 2022. More information coming soon.

(October 2021)

Welcome to Inez Faul as PhD student to Kiel University and the KHO project from 15. October 2021!

New paper: Rhodes, S.E., Goldberg, P., Ecker, M., Horwitz, L.K., Boaretto, E. and Chazan, M., 2021. Exploring the Later Stone Age at a micro-scale: New high-resolution excavations at Wonderwerk Cave. Quaternary International.

(September 2021)

Welcome to Helena Pribliczki as student assisstant to the KHO project from 1. September 2021!

(July 2021)

Pressemitteilung zu unserem Projektstart:…

Press release of the university for our project start:…

New paper: Ecker, M., Bank. C.-G., Chazan, M., Chen, Y., Green, G., Morris, D., Stoikopoulos, N., Shadrach, K., Stratford, D., Duke, H., 2021. Revisiting Pniel 6: the 2017-2019 excavations. South African Archaeological Bulletin 76(214), 57-69.

(May 2021)

We are looking for a PhD student in Geoarchaeology/Physical Geography/Quaternary Science to join the team. Application deadline is 21st May 2021.

(April 2021)

New paper: Lukich, V. & Ecker, M. 2021. Pleistocene environments in the southern Kalahari of South Africa. Quaternary International,

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