Kgalagadi Human Origins


The Emmy Noether Group ‘Kgalagadi Human Origins’ started in June 2021. The six-year project is researching the impact of the extreme climate changes after the Mid-Pleistocene Transition on human evolution in the southern Kalahari basin.


We are looking forward to the visit of Dr. Manuel Will (University of Tübingen) in Kiel. Dr. Will will hold a presentation on “The evolution of Homo sapiens in Africa – an archaeological perspective from the Middle Stone Age” on the 20th April, 4 – 5 pm in the Johanna-Mestorf-Hörsaal of the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory of University Kiel. Everybody is welcome to join!

We welcome Daniela Engelhart as new student research assistant on our team!

New Book chapter: Horwitz, L.K.,Avery, M.D., Bamford, M., Berna, F., Brink, J., Ecker, M., Fernandez-Jalvo, Y., Goldberg, P., Holt, S., Lee-Thorp, J.A., Matmon, A., Pickering, R., Porat, N., Rossouw, L., Scott, S., Chazan, M., 2022. Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape Province: An Early Pleistocene Palaeo-environmental Sequence for the Interior of South Africa. In: Reynolds, S.C., Bobe, R. (eds.), African Paleoecology and Human Evolution. Cambridge University press.

NEW! StoryMap “History and Archaology of Pniel 6, South Africa”. Learn about research an interactive way. Also available in German.

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