Kgalagadi Human Origins


The Emmy Noether Group ‘Kgalagadi Human Origins’ started in June 2021. The six-year project is researching the impact of the extreme climate changes after the Mid-Pleistocene Transition on human evolution in the southern Kalahari basin.


We welcome to the team our Kiel University Master students Helena Pribliczki, Sophia Politt (both MINERVA Project) and Rowena Winterhalder (KHO Project).

Some information about our projects in now available in Afrikaans. We are working on translating more of the homepage.

New Paper: Rhodes, S.E., Goldberg, P., Ecker, M., Horwitz, L.K., Boaretto, E. and Chazan, M., 2021. Exploring the Later Stone Age at a micro-scale: New high-resolution excavations at Wonderwerk Cave. Quaternary International.

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